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Post  McLovin on Mon Dec 13, 2010 4:10 pm

This is a major competition.

Unlike the other ROTW's this ROTW will only have 1 winner and the winner will be Honored as the HabboH Legend For this ROTW the theme is ... Trade City.. In order to win you must have Seasonal Trade Cities. This Type of ROTW you see here will be at least Every Season or Every Special event (example: Christmas, Easter)

For this Themed ROTW Trade city Your Room design must have a Christmas theme added to it.

The winner of this special ROTW will receive a sponsorship from The Trade Comity and Events Management.

Your room must be Head lined ''[ROTW] Trade City'' this ROTW will not be the weekly ROTW but the a Seasonal ROTW.

We wish you good luck for this Special Event and this will be judged 2 days Before Christmas.

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