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Trial-MOD For Habboh

Post  McLovin on Sun Dec 12, 2010 7:09 pm


Welcome to the online Moderator Guidelines page - please note that you are required to read the section below before applying to become a Moderator at HabboH Hotel. Failure to read these guidelines may mean you losing out on valuable facts and information, and may even lead to your application being rejected for not following basic instructions.

Moderation Guidelines

Hotel Moderators are contracted staff who handle our live, on-site customer service through the Support Centre and the in-game Live Help system.

Hotel Moderator report to the Moderator Manager and must be 13 years of age or older. The ideal candidate is service minded, has experience in moderation or online customer service and has a genuine interest in assisting users online.

Desired skills:

Fluent in written formal and informal English
Acceptable standard of grammar and spelling
Excellent typing ability
Good communication skills
Ability to remain fair and impartial at all times
Ability to stay cool and in good spirits, even whilst under pressure
Ability to deal with frustrated/angry users

The above list are our 'desired skills' - they are not skills that you need to have, but they are skills that we will look for in candidates when reviewing their application and conducting interviews. The more of these you fulfill and/or have, the better your job prospects are.

Requirements of the job:

Internet connection and working computer
Dealing with Calls for Help from users
Communicating with other team members regularly
Problem-solving, troubleshooting, general assistance
Providing reports to the Director of Staff as and when necessary
Moderating within the Hotel
Using staff web-tools as needed

The above list is our 'requirements of the job' list, which are skills and/or criteria that you must have in order to be considered for the job - your application will be denied if you cannot meet the criteria specified above. Please note that whilst we do not request that you are on every single day, any unactive Moderators will be time-checked and if they fail to be active within a certain time period, and all and any communication has gone unresponded, then their spot will open up and we will hire a new Moderator.

What we expect of you:

We expect you to do your job, and do it well.
We expect you to treat all other Staff as you want to be treated
We expect you to communicate regularly with other Staff
We expect you to be nice, polite, and mature to all users and Staff on the Hotel and website
We expect you to not abuse your powers

Please note that the above list of what we expect from you is liable to change at any moment in time, without express notice to yourself or any other parties involved.

What you can expect from us:

To treat you with the respect you deserve
To listen to your complaints and try and find a solution for them
To deal confidentially and sensitively with all complaints
To support you in your job

Unlike other Hotels, HabboH Hotel cares for its staff, and that's why we've decided to put this list of what you can expect from us on here - to show you that we support you in your job - no matter what role that may be.

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