¥The Habboh Rules¥

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¥The Habboh Rules¥

Post  McLovin on Sun Dec 12, 2010 4:14 pm

Rules & Regulations Do NOT
Ask for staff at HabboH hotel
Avertise other hotels
Share personal information
Drive people away
Scam other users
Threaten to hack/script
Hack or script the hotel
Bully other HabboH's's
Upset other HabboH's's
Abuse the CFH Tool
Pretend to be staff

Keep your HabboH friends virtual
Invite your friends
Enjoy yourself
Stay safe
Make rooms
Follow the HabboH's way
Make new friends here at HabboH's
Be a nice person
Interduce yourself to new HabboH'ss
Welcome new HabboH'ss to the hotel
Check back for updates on the HabboH's rules
Keep coming back to HabboH's
Have fun

Sincerly McLovin Very Happy


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